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  • The Constitution
  • The Bill Of Rights
  • The Ten Commandments

The Founding Fathers Framework

Understand why your constitutional republic framework is genius.

The Constitution

Understand What Makes America Exceptional

Knowledge is Power



I have spent years in politics to try to evoke positive change within my community. What I didn’t realize that I was either uniting for or uniting against something and it has always been this way. Working on the core principals to unite myself within the character, faith and freedom framework was the answer I was looking for.

Tina Compbell   -   CEO Party Name

I was never one for keeping up with the Joneses, so why were my decisions and outcomes relative to the actions of others. Focusing on uniting myself has given me the perspective to truly understanding the freedoms we are so blessed with. I wish I focused more on these core principles when I was younger, I am so thankful for the freedom it has given me.

John Doe   -   CEO Party Designer

Freedom isn’t free, and uniting isn’t possible without hard work and discipline. Who knew that uniting was in internal process, no community organizing, no identity politics, no news headline can achieve what I have learned from United We Stand. Thank you for the best gift I have ever received, the gift to work on the best me possible.

Jordan Taylor   -   CEO Party Writer
Your Contribution as a Citizen

Enable and Empower

Freedom Isn't Free

So let's get to work

You can't compete in sports without knowing the rules of the game, so how can you participate in the most exceptional republic in history without knowing your Constitution and Bill of Rights?

Constitutional Proficiency 48%
Bill of Rights Proficiency 39%
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